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Create Your Best Holiday Memories in These 6 Exciting Winter Destinations
01 Nov 2018PLACESBY SweetEscape

Nothing really feels close to how the kids inside of us go crazily excited when the temperature begins to drop — snow will be falling anytime soon! Especially if you live in a country where there are only two seasons, it becomes a part of your bucket lists to visit a country where the roofs get covered with blankets of ice and everything else turns to white.

And because the holiday season has become one of the most convenient time to travel, how about taking that winter wonderland holiday dream to reality? Here are six exciting winter destinations that you may visit for the holidays:

1. Lucerne, Switzerland

Similar to what you see in postcards is Lucerne's impressive mountainous landscape. This place has the best view of Lake Lucerne and a really stunning scenery of the Alps, especially if you'll be taking the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St. Moritz. Don't forget to try the authentic Swiss cheese fondue before you leave!

by Zlatana for SweetEscape in Lucerne

2. Vienna, Austria

This destination would warm your heart even when it's cold outside. In Vienna, you could go for walks at its city center and go on a little shopping trip in stalls selling food, gluhwein and handicrafts — they are known to have the best Christmas markets in Europe. You may also go ice skating in the gardens of the Wilhelminenberg Palace or go on a weekend ski trip to Hohe-Wand-Wiese.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Everyone dreams of taking a sight of the Northern Lights in person, and you could do that in Reykjavik this holiday season. If you are down for adventures, you could also try downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing here. On the 23rd of December, take part in the Icelandic tradition of eating fermented skate and potatoes.

by Michalina for SweetEscape in Reykjavik

4. Helsinki, Finland

This holiday season, how about a visit to the country where Santa Claus is said to traditionally originate? Feel all Christmasy in Helsinki, also known as the Christmas city, where you could find snow-covered villages, just like in the movies. Local parades happen during the month of December, so don't forget to join the locals and tourists in spreading the holiday vibes.

5. Quebec, Canada

Experience a real winter wonderland in Quebec, where a hotel room made entirely of ice could be found. Take those Instagram-worthy photos at the Old Quebec Christmas village, unleash the inner kid in you at Valcartier Vacation Village, North America's largest winter playground or join their winter celebration as you watch the ice canoe race across the St. Lawrence River!

by Cathy for SweetEscape in Quebec City
by Cathy for SweetEscape in Quebec City

6. Tromso, Norway

Experience your first snowfall in Tromso, a city located above the Arctic Circle. Aside from the usual snow activities, you could also experience a close encounter with reindeers and dog sledding with the Alaskan huskies. You could also catch the Northern Lights here in Tromso, especially from September to March.

Get your phones ready because in these 6 locations, you'll never run out of beautiful sceneries to capture. Or better yet, take SweetEscape with you on your holiday adventure so we could save those precious moments for you to keep and remember forever.

SweetEscape is an online platform with a pool of local photographers in over 400 cities around the world. No matter where you go, a SweetEscape photographer would be ready to snap shots of you and your loved ones.


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Kelly Misa in the City: Who Says Living in the Metro Has to be Stressful?
13 Sep 2019STORIESBY SweetEscape

You might associate ‘fun’ and ‘relax’ with beach resorts or mountain villas, but being in the heart of the city has its perks and doesn’t always have to be a hassle. We had the pleasure of shooting with model, television host, beauty columnist, lifestyle blogger, and mum Kelly Misa recently and caught up a bit on the beauty of city living.

1. What do you love about living in the city?

by Mark for SweetEscape in Makati

I love being central to my work and to my family and friends. It is really convenient given I don’t need to travel far to get to my destination. Also, all the best groceries and markets are in the city (my priorities because I’m a mom) and it’s just more accessible to live within Metro Manila.

2. What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars?

by Mark for SweetEscape in Makati
by Mark for SweetEscape in Makati

Being a mom to a toddler who just recently started school, I rarely go out. But as a family, we love eating out and trying new restaurants. One restaurant I recently tried and loved is Pablo Bistro in Salcedo Village. They serve the most amazing goat cheese salad as well as grilled octopus! Amazing! And just next door is Cartel Deli where you can find excellent coffee.

3. How do you spend your weekends?

by Polina for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Polina for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

My weekends are spent with family. Most times we spend our time together at home but once in awhile we go out and try a new restaurant, check in a hotel to go on a staycation or drive out of town to Tagaytay or to the beach in Batangas.

4. Where do you usually go to work out, detox or destress?

I go to One Life Studio in Alabang for one on one Pilates sessions. This has really helped me stretch out my muscles, strengthen my core, and fix my posture.

by Mark for SweetEscape in Makati

5. What's in a city girl's makeup kit?

A warm shimmery blush! I love Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color blush in Terrarose, and a pinkish nude lippie, MAC Velvet Teddy. Usually that’s all I wear everyday.

6. How was your experience booking SweetEscape in the city?

by Mark for SweetEscape in Makati

SweetEscape has been an absolute joy… I have captured so many amazing photos from my travels all over the world thanks to this photography app and I really can’t ask for anything more. The photographers are always kind and accommodating, and so patient with my son to get that perfect family photo.